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Popular Excursions of the Yucatan

Xcaret is a popular eco-archeological park, minimum of 45 minutes from Cancun, is filled with many natural and cultural delights.  The chance to swim through underground rivers (cenote - pronounced sea-no-tays) as well as with dolphins, and explore its coral reef aquarium, bat cave, manatees’ lagoon and archaeological sites.  At night enjoy the “Xcaret Mexico Espectacular” and learn more about the history of the region over 300 artists on stage, you can add a dinner package for reserved seating and  Mexican meal during the show.  A Travel Agent friend informed me this is a fabulous and entertaining great show.  Visit www.xcaret.com.

Xel-Ha (pronounced shell-ha) This park is about a little more than an hours drive. (76 miles south of Cancun)  You can take a nature walk, ride a bicycle or tour by jungle train.  There’s a turtle park, a swim with dolphins program and an aviary as well.  Visit www.xelha.com.

Isla Mujeres (translation, Island of Women) Upon arrival there you’ll find an opportunity to rent golf carts and tour the island on your own it is not a very large island and have no fear of getting lost.  There is a neat little home that resembles a conch shell, shopping - market style as well as some very nice jewelry stores.  Crossing over to the island you can see the different reefs and levels of water with views of turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea just beautiful.  The cemetery is a fascinating walk through, I know that doesn’t sound like a typical want to do… but you can witness their respect and love for God and family.  Do not cross over if you are having inclement weather, i.e. windy or cloudy you may get sea sick.

The Riviera Maya, Mexico


A Tranquil hideaway often thought of as the scenic crown jewel of Mexico and settled along 80 miles of pristine shoreline, the luxurious resorts and tranquil ambiance of the Riviera Maya just south of Cancun will allow you to fully let go.  The unique landscape boasts the best of both jungle and sea, creating one of the most gorgeous tropical parks you’ll ever see, Xcaret.  One-of-a-kind boutiques and restaurants pique the senses and the nearby Mayan Ruins invite further exploration.  The town of Playa del Carmen remains a visitor favorite with its casual mood and imaginative shops.  Taking a leisurely walk through the streets, you’ll notice unique architecture based on native building practices.  At night hang out at an oceanfront open-air bar and revel in the stunningly clear night sky.

Temperatures run 68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit from January to March, 71- 89 degrees from April to June, 75 to 91 degrees from July to September, and 68 to 87 degrees from October to December.

Entry Requirements U.S. Citizens need proof of citizenship you must have a valid passport to enter Mexico



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